Canada to restructure its Student Permit System on the lines of UK

In a key development–and speaking to a Great Britain paper, during an official visit to the nation recently–Jason Kenney observed that he fully endorses the steps taken by London to duly modify and improve its system of student permit. He added that he is keen to walk in the UK’s footsteps, and wishes to overhaul the visa system of Canada on parallel lines. The minister was probed to offer his views on the involved agency of Great Britain to remove the status of Highly Trusted Sponsor from the controversial London Metropolitan University (LMU) during the month of August this year.

As it is well-known the development, led to much debate at the said time even while it led many higher education and business organizations to issue the warning that the resultant not-too-good publicity would severely harm the national status as a place for students from abroad to pursue their studies and get their degrees. However, the Canadian minister strongly disagreed.

Kenney disclosed that the said decision would actually boost the reputation of Great Britain as an educational destination par excellence. He further said that he strongly thinks that the pronouncement is not wrong, adding he believes that now the message has gone to the world that London would leave no stones unturned to uphold the unmatched quality of its brand of post-secondary education before the global student community.

He continued that Ottawa is interested to follow London on this score, adding it is essential to smooth the progress of the student study permits for genuine students who could be interested to study at equally genuine educational organizations.

The Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), under Jason Kenney, is accountable for the immigration strategies adopted by Ottawa. Canada is renowned for having the most vigorous immigration course of action among the G8 nations. The Canadian Experience Class is one of the many visa categories that the country presently boasts of. It’s a famous and well-accepted visa programme, via which the prized status for permanent residence is offered to the graduates of the many universities of Canada. Hitherto, more than 20,000 students from across the globe have received permanent residence.

Though the Maple Country, i.e., Canada, is eager to draw students from abroad, Kenney disclosed that he is against compromising quality to make room for quantity. He further said that in case universities just wish to follow the fast-track approach, before they usher-in unrestricted numbers of overseas students–minus any consideration whatsoever for the excellence of their student life–then he is not very enthusiastic about the said course of action.

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