Canada shares a Better Visa Deal with Saudi Arabia!

Saudi Arabia has got rid of its dark clouds which were hovering over many aspiring Saudi Arabians who are willing to immigrate to Quebec and Canada. As Saudi Arabia now holds the secure position after the deal between the two countries which allows the people from Saudi Arabia to immigrate to Quebec and Canada based on relaxed immigration laws.

The immigration laws and policies were quite relaxed and simple for Saudi national from 1984 to 2002 but after the terrorist attack of 9/11 in the United States forced the Canada government to think twice before allowing any Saudi Arabian to enter inside their territories. Many requirements and conditions were imposed on them in relation with visa and immigration for security reasons. This is because many attackers of 9/11 attack were from Saudi Arabia only. For security purposes, Canadian foreign affairs, immigration and security officials used to ask the Saudis to first apply for the entrance visas and only then they can be allowed to work or study in Canada.

But now with the new visa deal , Saudis are allowed the visas which gives them the liberty to enter and exit in Canada for complete five years for as many times as they want to . The Canadian ambassador David Chatterson made an announcement of changes on the May 24th by saying that Canada welcomes the students and business people from Saudi Arabia with open arms. But no special announcement was made in relation to flexible visa rules.

The flow of Saudi Arabian immigrants has increased since 2002 and about 5,292 Canadian visas were granted to Saudi students and 1,665 visas to Saudi Arabian workers in 2009. This is quite large in numbers in comparison to the numbers of visas granted to Saudi nationals in 2002 which were only 199 to Saudi workers and 351 to Saudi students. There are about 8,200 students studying in Canadian educational schools who belong to Saudi Arabia and there are expectations of admitting two thousand more students from Saudi later this year.

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