Canada Skilled Immigration Selection Procedure Has Become Better, Faster

Canada selects applicants on the basis of their ability to settle on its soils and contribute towards its national economy, even as they are given permanent residency (PR) rights. Starting from January 2015 Canada skilled immigration selection procedure takes place via Express Entry System.

Canada skilled immigration selection procedure is basically a point based electronic procedure and confers the status of PR to eligible applicants. It works in two major steps–step one is creating an online profile and submitting an expression of interest  (EoI). Those candidates who meet the basic criteria of any one of the Federal Economic Programmes are placed in the Express Entry Pool.

Step two will includes issuing an Invitation to apply on the basis of the points earned through evaluating applicants as per the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS).

Skilled Immigration selection procedure is one of its kinds and does not include any eligible occupation.

Previously, the Federal Skilled Worker Programme (FSWP) included a list of 50 y occupations. The Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has announced that starting from January 2015 skilled immigration selection procedure will not be bounded to follow a fixed list of professions.

Instead, applicants will have to show that they have a work experience of one year in a specific line-of-work within the last 10 years. This means applicants from a wide array of fields are eligible to apply making the complete process unique, and one of its own kind.

It is assured that most of the applications will be processed within six months and you may use the system if you wish to apply for the FSWP, the FSTP, the CEC, and provincial nominee.

To be eligible does one need to have a prior job offer.

A prior job offer, legally supported by the Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) from a Canadian employer, is an added asset but is not a mandatory requirement. If you successfully meet the criteria of any of the economic schemes, you are eligible to enter the Express Entry Pool.

If an applicant is in the Express Entry Pool, will he be eligible for more than one programme?

Skilled immigration selection procedure allows you to be qualified for one or more than one programmes to process. Your profile will be tagged to ensure it may be considered for the most relevant round of invitation. Thereafter, if you are issued an ‘Invitation to Apply’, you will be duly notified under which immigration programme you are invited to apply.

How will the skilled immigration selection procedure l be beneficial to Canada?

The CIC has completely reformed its economic immigration procedure just to make sure that the country’s economic and labor market needs are meet successfully. The new programme Express Entry is an important part of the reformed structure. Its main goal is to make immigration procedure faster and flexible. For the first time under the scheme, the first come and first serve mode has been completely scrapped.

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