At A Glance: Canada Skilled Worker Programme Key Requirements, Benefits

Since ages the doors of the ‘Land of Milk and Honey’, Canada, has been open for skilled workers. Every year, 100s of 1000s of trained workers aspire to live and work in the country. Immigration to the country on the basis of Skilled Worker Programme is quite popular and is most feasible for the applicants with the right education, skills and experience.

The economy of any nation largely depends on the efficiency of its qualified employees. The competition to attract skilled workers among many developed nations has increased; it has rather become cut and throat.

Skilled workers, in the hope of better employment opportunities, head to some specific nations, like Australia, the US, the UK, etc., but one country that has won the heart of skilled workers worldwide is the Maple Leaf Country.

Yes, it is the beautiful North American Country of Canada to which the largest number of skilled workers is immigrating to. The key reason: the nation has easy-to-follow immigration policies. Today, when many countries have made their immigration laws tougher, the Maple Leaf Country continues with its easy-to-understand immigration laws, courtesy its trust that it has developed with skilled workers and the introduction of Express Entry System.

Since the inception of programme, and by the end of 2015, it has certainly achieved a milestone that will be difficult to beat in the coming years. The system best suits the demand of skilled workers. In fact, the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has introduced it keeping in mind the nation’s demand of skilled workers.

Canada Skilled Worker Programme–Key Requirements, benefits

Today, there is no better programme for skilled workers than the Express Entry System. Canada immigration motivated immigrants are required to create an online profile and answer a few simple questions related to their education, age, language, experience and skills.

If the applicant is eligible for any of the following programmes, Federal Skilled Workers Programme (FSWP), Federal Skilled Trades Programme (FSTP), Canadian Experience Class (CEC) and certain portion of Provincial Nominee Programme (PNP), then they are placed in the Express Entry Pool where they will be analyzed as per the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) and will be issued Invitation to Apply (ITA) on the basis of the points scored.

Key Requirements

Prospective immigrants are required to meet the basic criteria, i.e., the applicant must have at least one year experience in the qualifying job along with proficiency in English language. To qualify for the Express Entry Pool, they must also meet the eligibility criteria for any of the aforementioned programmes. However, other factors such as age, skills, and education also play an important role.


Express Entry System offers multiple benefits to the prospective immigrants that include Permanent Residency (PR) in the shortest duration. Once the immigrant has successfully lived and worked in the country, as a permanent resident, than he becomes eligible to apply for Canadian passport and citizenship. Applicants may also bring along their family who will enjoy the similar status and rights as per the primary applicant.

Over a very short period of time, the Canada Skilled Worker program has gained widespread popularity among skilled workers.

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