Canada to Appoint 8,000 Filipinos!

During the renewal of the agreement with the Canadian dignitaries (Makati), the department of Labor and Employment revealed that the Canadian province will hire around 8,000 Filipino workers yearly starting form this year till 2016.

40% of all the 20,000 job requirements will be composed of overseas Filipino workers in Manitoba due the increasing markets. And, the rest of the 60% of the jobs will be given in the other countries such as India, Germany, Israel, China and Ukraine.

Jobs in the field of finance, restaurant, mining, health, manufacturing, etc are the need of the hour in Manitoba.

Rosalinda Baldoz (Dept. of Labor and Employment) stated in one of the statements that they hope for the increased protection of Filipino workers which would in turn enable the Philippines to get a larger share in the projects of Manitoba.

Apart from the order of the job, memorandum of understanding, signed in the year 2008, will assess the skills of the Filipino workers which will be recruited in Canada for promoting their welfares.

Greg Selinger, Province of Manitoba Premier in one of his statements stated that their Government has worked for around two and a half years to it make easier for the Filipino workers to work in Manitoba. Moreover, they are even hoping to continue this partnership.

Ben Rempel, the assistant Deputy Minister of Labor immigration, Manitoba revealed that Filipino immigrants are given preference as they acquire all the necessary skills required. Large Filipino community, Manitoba is just another factors which will enable the Filipino immigrants to adjust in Canada.

Rempel even said that Manitoba is most protective when it comes to rights of the laborers apart from having the lowest unemployment and highest employment of immigration rates. This will also prove to be most attractive point for OFW’s.

Rempel said that the Philippines will get to know when they will be offered a contract from Manitoba employer.

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