Canada to host G- 20 Summit in next few weeks!

The most prestigious and significant financial summit that is G-20 summit is going to be held in less than fourteen days. And amongst all the countries which come under G-20, Canada is going to host such prominent event.

Besides holding the unique position of hosting the event, Canada also stands a position of a country with strongest economic condition in the world. The problem of financial crisis nations such as Europe and North America underwent serious job recession phase but Canada remained unharmed and maintained its economic balance during that difficult phase.

Presently Canada stands as one of the strongest country amongst all the developed countries which forms the special group of G-7 countries. Canada holds this position because of its low debt, stronger economic condition and rising level of immigration. Canada has an upper hand over other countries because of the availability of rich resources and better demographics as comparable to other G-7 countries.

Canada’s rising level of immigration shows that many immigrants prefer going to Canada over other countries for settlement and business investment. An introductory data conducted by Citizenship and Immigration Canada proves the validity of this point very well. In the year 2009, a large number of immigrants were given the Canadian visa. According to the data collection, more than 50,000 foreigners were admitted to Canada.  This is quite impressive number as the population of Canada is 34 million people only. Today Canada is that one country where the profits of any investment are going to be in abundance. The investors will be enjoying various benefits such as corporate earning, dividends and permanent residency of Canada for those who are planning to give their contribution in the Canadian economy.

If you want to invest or start your business in Canada, then you can hire any immigration and visa consultancy which would help you in your visa application process.

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