Are You in Canada on Work Permit Visa & Keen to Extend Validity?

Canada Work Permit Visa

Do you happen to do a job in Canada on Work permit Visa and are eager to extend the Canada Work Permit Visa there in? If yes, read this article, you will get to know that the procedure to do so is pretty easy.

Given every person from abroad submits an application for a Work Permit from outside the nation, the maximum legal time-frame of the visa is four years. In case you haven’t still crossed that boundary, it is possible for you to lengthen your Work Permit from inside the nation.Canada Work Permit Visa

After you have surpassed the limit in the country, you will be stopped from doing a job in the nation for the coming successive four years. Through this time-frame, you may either reside outside the nation, or stay inside it as a tourist, or a student. But, you will lack the permission to do a job.

Post the four years have passed you could submit an application all over again for a Work Permit and keep on doing a job. The law is called the ‘cumulative duration rule’.

It is possible to obtain an extension on your Canada Work Permit , if you fulfill any of the below given conditions:

  1. You submit a petition for a fresh Canada Work Permit Visa prior to the legal validity of your present visa comes to an end.
  2. You and your recruiter ink a fresh employee-employer contract to extend their contract.

There are two methods in which it is possible to do it:

  1. You present an application for a new LMIA, via the ESDC.
  2. Your firm pays the employer compliance charges and presents a fresh proposal, via the Employer portal.

Application Procedure

There are basically two methods:

  1. Online

It is a very easy application course where you generate a login employing your online banking login of a GCKey (Government of Canada Login). The same is as simple as filling a form, giving the needed charges, and finding out your position.

  1. Send a petition to alter conditions or lengthen your stay in the nation as an employee

You can obtain four things through the way:

  1. Lengthen your stay
  2. Alter the situations of your stay
  3. Alter your type of temporary standing
  4. Correct issues with your position

Important: It is exceedingly crucial that the step be used before your present Canada Work Permit Visa loses its validity. You have several choices: you may fill the online petition form, or print out the needed application forms, fill these, give the charges, and mail the whole package to the Alberta based Case Processing Center in Vegreville.

It could take nearly a month for the renewal of your Canada Work Permit Visa. Till then, you could keep on doing a job in the similar conditions as your present Work Permit mentions, until a pronouncement is made.

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