Canada Would Do Well To Continue Welcoming Migrants

We all know that immigration is behind the amazing success story of several overseas hotspots, including Canada. If the nation is presently one of the most successful global economies, a large credit for this, must be given to the migrants.

Now a report further corroborates the fact and belief. It says that they make up roughly 22% of the nation’s populace. At present, immigration is responsible for 71% of the population jump and as high as 90% of the workforce, in the recent years. By 2034, it is likely to account for 100% of the nation’s population rise with the reason being the figure of deaths will surpass the figure of births.

Coming back to the contributions of the migrants, as per some observers behind the report, in case immigration stopped, by 2040, the Maple Leaf Country would experience, among others, a shrinking manpower; feeble economic development; tax growths; bigger difficulties financing social services; a quick ageing populace, where roughly 27% of the population would be 65 and over, vis-à-vis 22.4% with a slow jump in immigration.

Significantly, the report also says that women are beating men in the nation, in the matter of educational accomplishment even as a good approach for moving to the hotspot is via studies, thanks to the benefit of Canadian experience (certification & work experience).

A large number of students move to the destination every year, typically to the Toronto area, and most of happen to be women. Toronto is one of the finest global and hence it will at all times be the most popular destination. Besides, Canada has a (comparatively) small populace and an ageing manpower.

Canada Continue Welcoming Migrants


The report explores two situations, namely:

  1. The possible effect on the nation’s economy if the entry of immigrants into the nation comes to a halt either wholly or significantly; and
  2. The outcomes of increasing the levels of immigration to 1%, up from 0.8% in 2017.

If that happens, the decreasing manpower, lower local demand, and looming tax increases would also bring down the levels of business investment. But the nation’s GDP growth would become better by an average of 1.9% in the decades to come, with a slow increase in newcomers. However, without them, that growth would slow to 1.3%.

Consequently, as per the report, the nation’s rate of immigration should be increased to 1% of the total population, up from 0.8% in 2017.

Pro-immigration Feelings

Ottawa is expected to continue security at the nation’s borders and keep an eye on the existing opportunities and social services, and also address the anti-immigrant emotions with a view to promote efforts to continue public backing for its immigration programme.

Apart from backing economic activity through the nation, welcoming young, working-age immigrants also assists address the subject of the nation’s ageing people. Several immigrants move in at a fairly young age, and they have several years of productive work ahead of them.

So, in a nutshell, it would be better if Canada continues to welcome migrants, and it will be another important step in the right direction, if the Canadian Government further improves the rates of migration to the country.

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