Canada’s Modified Immigration Test for Prospective Citizens!

According to reports, Canada’s new immigration test which was introduced on October 14 this year have seen increased number of immigrants clearing the test. After the launch of the modified test, it has been recorded that Canadian immigrants’ current pass rate is 97 percent. The increased pass rate can be attributed to the fact that the test can be accessed on the Internet. Mo0reover, it is learnt that an underground market selling the tests to prospective Canadian citizens.

The modified immigration test was launched by the Canadian government in order to cut slash the increased failure rate the country had been witnessing. As per reports, the previous immigration test which boasted tougher questions that were introduced to weed out cheating recorded failure rates up to 30 percent since March, 2010. The Canadian government wanted to cut the failure rates to 20 percent.

In the previous test for would-be Canadian citizens, the applicants would require to score 60 percent grade. The test included twenty multiple-choice questions which were needed to complete within half-an-hour. The newer test requires applicants to obtain 75 percent grade in order to pass. Comparing this, the old test seems easier.

Canada has so far been subject to criticism that claims it boasts sub-standard background checks on their prospective immigrant citizens, which often led people with criminal background or terrorist links to enter and obtain Canadian citizenship. With the new modified immigration test, the country wants to keep a check on the number of foreigners becoming its citizens, despite it’s being the country with the highest per-capita immigration rate across the globe.

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