Canada’s Top 5 Highest-Paying IT Jobs

Canada’s Top 5 Highest-Paying IT Jobs

Many organizations across Canada benefit from highly qualified, skilled IT professionals. Canada’s tech sector is also booming at a rapid pace, even amid the Covid-19 pandemic. The industry remained strong, with companies hiring tech workers seeking Canada PR visa.

Qualified IT professionals are in high demand in Canada. The government is also keen on welcoming more techies through several immigration pathways, including Express Entry, PNPs, and the Global Talent Stream, to address the shortfall of IT professionals for its growing tech sector.

In 2019, Canada took a drastic step to broaden the scope of the Global Talent Stream, allowing many IT occupations to qualify under the stream and made it permanent.

Covid-19 has fueled the demand for IT workers as many people are working from home and doing shopping online. All of this has accelerated the demand for tech workers at an astonishing rate.

Let’s look at the top 5 most in-demand IT Jobs in Canada as per Ottawa’s national employment website, Job Bank.

Business Analyst/System Analyst (NOC 2171)

IT Business Analysts are professionals who perform the duty of analyzing software and helping businesses make the right choices when using their data. Since many companies, these days rely on IT analysts to get the most out of their data and improve their business efficiency. In Canada, IT business analysts earn between $46,800 and $112,495 per year.

Software Developer (NOC 2073)

Software developers can expect a promising career in Canada, with many job opportunities arising over the next three years. Canadian employers are keen on recruiting software engineers who can write and modify code for software applications, operating systems, and data processing applications. Software engineers usually earn between $28.85/hour and $67.31/hour in Canada.

Database Analyst (NOC 2172)

Database analysts are in demand across Canada. One can find high-paying jobs in Canada as a Database Analyst. In Canada, database analysts are responsible for designing, developing, and administering data management solutions using database management software. Typically, they earn between $37,537 and $109,005 annually.

Network Engineer (NOC 2147 or 2281)

As per Engineers Canada’s labor market study, the demand for Network Engineers will continue to rise in the next ten years. Network Engineers design and maintain hardware and software necessary for an IT infrastructure and are high-level technical analysts with a specialty in Networks and Cloud computing. They earn between $48,750 and $124,683 annually.

IT Project Manager (NOC-0213)

According to a report published by the Project Management Institute, IT project managers are in great demand in Canada. It will continue to grow faster than any other occupation in the country. Project managers are employed in various sectors, including health care, insurance, manufacturing, retail and wholesale, etc. The Project Management Institute’s Salary Survey for 2020 shows a median salary of $100,000 for project managers in Canada.

IT professionals can expect a bright career in Canada post Canada immigration. Currently, tech is one of Canada’s best job sectors, providing higher salaries, adding new jobs, and offering growth opportunities for all kinds. For more Information you can coontact with our immigration experts at 8595338595 or [email protected]

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