Canadian Business Immigration Program: An Overview

The Citizenship & Immigration Canada (CIC) has come-up with the Canadian Business Immigration Program to smooth the progress of the entry of experienced business individuals into the country. It covers entrepreneurs, self-employed aliens & investors. While the first two categories have business experience–besides a bare minimum net worth requirements–the third category necessitates cultural, athletic or agricultural experience on the part of the aspirants.

To put it differently, the object of the nation’s Business Immigration Program is to duly encourage economic growth & employment via drawing investors, entrepreneurs & self-employed persons from outside the nation’s territorial jurisdictions with venture capital, business expertise & entrepreneurial know-how.

The said program is tailored to create fresh commercial opportunities and develop access to the increasing foreign markets, via rolling-out red-carpet welcome to those who know the national markets & their unique needs & customs.

People with business/managerial experience and moderately high net-worth could file a petition for a Canada Immigration (Permanent Resident) Visa, through the said scheme in a sub-class mentioned below:

Entrepreneur Start-Up Permit Scheme: The candidates ought to secure funding & backing from a chosen national investment group. For this, they should be equipped with a plan for an exclusive business to be created in the Maple Leaf Country.

Immigrant Investor Scheme:  To make the grade as an investor, it’s essential that the applicant has a net value of not less than 1.6 million Canadian Dollars, possess executive/supervisory experience & be ready to make an administration-secured passive investment of 800,000 Canadian Dollars.

Entrepreneur Scheme: To make the cut as an entrepreneur, the candidate ought to possess a net value of not less than 300,000 Canadian Dollars, and be in a position to set-up, invest in or get hold of a firm/enterprise in the Maple Leaf Country. The exercise must generate and/or preserve employment in the country.

Self-Employed Individuals Scheme: To make the grade as a self-employed individual, the aspirant should be willing and be in a position to take care of his and his dependents’ needs with self-employed funds.

Stringent language laws in Migrants’, Canada’s Favor

While we are on the subject, it would be perhaps pertinent to cover a fresh development involving Canada immigration. As per certain reports, the fresh strict language prerequisites by the Maple Leaf Country will prove decisive in helping the new entrants integrate. Apparently, not only the aliens, the nation also will benefit, thanks to the development. Several recent reports reveal a growingly high volume of aliens to the nation not having the elementary language expertise in either French or English even while the same allegedly is an issue of serious worry for the fruitful integration of the migrants in the country.

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