Canadian Government Lands in Controversy Once Again!

The visa denial series involving the Canadian High Commission in India and the Indian border protection personnel seems to be never ending. Even after expressing regrets by the Canadian immigration ministry over the issue, there were still few more details to come out. A latest report of an e-mail sent to a Punjab police officer tended to uncover the hypocrisy of the Canadian government over the whole visa dismissal saga.

Reportedly, Parmjit Singh Khaira had filed a petition for a travel visa to Canada in on August last year. However, he happened to be one of those security officials who have been rejected permits over the recent years. The Canadian High Commission in India dismissed his application after five days of his filing the same, citing the reason that Mr. Khaira does not fulfill the requirements of Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Protection Act’s Section 35(1) (A).

As per the said section, Canada does not permit the entrance of the individuals who have engaged themselves in anti-human activities. Eventually, the officer had to face more interviews, following his appeal to the consulate general in Chandigarh. Still, he was not found eligible for the visa. He then appealed the immigration ministry for a review of the decision in written in March, 2010. Khaira was then sent an e-mail from the ministry that supported the views expressed by the High Commission. The ministry stood by the views that Khaira belonged to the group of inadmissible individuals who are not allowed by the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act.

This particular case surely exhibits the slyness of the Canadian government, irrespective of its regrets over the series of visa rejection instances!

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