Creation of a New Interactive Website for Canadian Immigrants and Visitors!

When it comes to the most popular immigration destinations of the world, Canada comes at the first place. It is due to the fact that this country provides a lot of opportunities to the overseas immigrants. Every year, a huge number of people migrate to this country from all over the world.

The Immigration and Citizenship Department of Canada created a latest website where people who wish to migrate to this country can decide if their visa applications will likely be accepted.

On August 5, the Immigration, Citizenship and Multiculturalism Minister, Jason Kenney announced that they created of a new interactive website for potential immigrants and Canada visitors. This website will help the overseas nationals to find out if they are qualified for a Canadian visa. The applicants have to answer a series of questions in this website.

While making the proclamation about the website, the Immigration Minister of the country stated that they understand that the application processes of Canada are complex in nature, but this new web tool is a major improvement in this regard. He also said that the Wizard would make it much easier for prospective immigrants and visitors to steer the process of applications.

Mr. Kenney also hopes that this new interactive web tool will make candidates less dependent on the migration consultants and as a result of that the number of calls will get reduced to Canada Immigration’s Call Centre.

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