Make Most of Canadian Immigration Categories Information for Applicants!

Do you wish to move to Canada–the Land of Endless Dreams–and make the most of the existing opportunities there? Are you a skilled and/or experienced professional, and wish to know which visa category would suit you the best for immigration to Canada? Are you keen to explore the family sponsorship path to successfully migrate to the Maple Country? If you have any such or related desire, you ought to look for and make use of the available Canadian immigration categories information for applicants like yourself, for obvious reasons.

You can seek and get the needed information from the official website(s) duly run and managed by the concerned immigration organization, the Citizenship & Immigration Canada (the CIC), and make the most of the same. You can get the required Canadian immigration classes information for the general candidates from certain other important sources also. For example, numerous immigration and visa consultancies manage relevant websites on the given issue.

Through such sources, you would learn that the Maple Country enjoys worldwide popularity amongst the discerning migrants for a plethora of compelling reasons even as it welcomes the visa candidates through the various easy-to-follow and highly useful visa categories. Actually the CIC has a separate visa category for all kinds of applicants. Whether an aspirant is a skilled worker or student or investor or businessman, the CIC has a specific permit class for each kind of candidate.

Further, the Canadian administration employs a points-arrangement to evaluate the candidates in every class, excluding its Family Category, and in certain unique programs. Test points are proffered for certain issues, such as age, education, employment experience, skills in the English and/or French language, arranged service, & adaptability.

You would also get to know that these are the chief and perhaps the most widely used Canadian immigration classes and programs: Economic Class, Canadian Experience Class, Skilled Workers, Business Category, Entrepreneur, Investor, Self Employed, Student Permit, and Provincial Nominee Program, etc. Further, movement to the Maple Country– employing the qualified worker class–is a highly accepted permit programme even as the same is meant for those having high levels of expertise & experience.

Through the Canadian immigration categories information for applicants proffered by such sources, you would also learn that immigration to the country also covers a particular visa class for the business candidates. The CIC also enables Quebec–the nation’s prosperous province–to choose immigrants. Equally vital is the fact that 40% of the yearly movement made to the nation is through the family reunion & refugee programs.

New Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP)

While we are on the subject, it needs to be accordingly mentioned here that in the wake of some recent amendments, the CIC has introduced its latest Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP). The fresh system will become effective from May 4, 2013.

Several highly relevant websites run by the Citizenship & Immigration Canada and other immigration and visa information sources carry useful Canadian immigration categories information for applicants even as the same may be used to move the country in the best possible way, on the basis of one’s specific educational/professional backgrounds.

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