Canadian Immigration Minister Talks about Latest Bridging Open Work Permit

In an important development–which apparently shows that Ottawa is committed to welcome migrant workers and others to the shores of Canada, in a superior and improved way–the immigration minister of Canada has proclaimed that the latest Bridging Open Work Permit makes possible for certain economic category aspirants to duly continue their status. He added that the said permit also enables the visa-candidates to keep on working in the Maple Country, i.e., Canada, even as they cool their heels for a closing decision on the visa-submissions for their permanent residence.

Jason Kenney, the minister, further said that the government is making the national immigration arrangement quicker and comparatively more accommodative, apart from reducing the bureaucratic hurdles for the trained immigrants required by the nation’s economy, so that it could develop and flourish. He continued that the latest work visa offers those–who are changing to permanent residency, with advanced and better opportunities–to mingle with the country’s labor market, much to the advantage of the national economy and all concerned people of Canada.

It needs to be mentioned here that the said Bridging Open Work Permit is to be had at once even while the same is legal for 1 year from the time it’s made accessible. The qualifying overseas people presently in Canada–who have presented a visa-submission for permanent residency status, via certain visa categories, including the FSWP–may be fittingly considered for the visa in question in a situation wherein the validity of their existing Work Permit is nearing its end.

Earlier, the candidates–who were cooling their heels for a pronouncement on their permanent residence petition–could find their Temporary Work Permit on its last legs, prior to their submission was duly processed. Such visas are already obtainable for other in-Canada immigration categories, like live-in caregivers, partners or common-law mates. The said progress will effect regular treatment for other aspirants already present in the country.

Kenney continued that the government is leaving no stones unturned whatsoever to suitably stop needless disturbance and trouble in the lives of the new entrants, who are already making handsome contributions, and productively integrating into the national economy. He added that such progress and development made to the Canadian immigration scheme will play a decisive role, and help the nation draw the finest talents from across the globe–the trained migrant-workers which Canada requires badly, and in large numbers, to fill its skilled labor scarcities, for obvious reasons.

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