Canadian Immigration Visa Processing Time

Canada Immigration is involved with several questions that are asked by a number of people who apply for Canada immigration. Canada Immigration Visa Processing Time – is certainly a common question asked by everyone while going through the said task, as few of them are well aware of some important points that play a key role in processing of their application.

Following is a brief discussion of all the points that are considered an integral part of Canada Immigration Visa Processing Time.

Submission of Application, your completed application is meant to be submitted to either the Canada Visa offices – one processes the application from the country where you got citizenship right and other takes into consideration of applicant’s residing place while processing the application. Choosing the right (visa office), will definitely shorten the processing time.

Immigration Category, picking up the most appropriate immigration category from a wide list – also affect visa processing time, as some categories are known to be faster compared to others.

Canadian Job Invitation, Getting a job invitation from Canadian company will certainly leave you obtaining Immigration visa in less than a year.

Well completed application and other documents, you must ensure that your application has been filled properly before submitting it, as any negligence will put processing of your application on hold. Besides, various supporting documents, meant to be submitted, must also be taken into consideration in this regard.

Personal Interview, applicants who are notified to appear for personal interview – may expect least visa processing time.

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