Canadian Permanent Resident Position Assists Pocket Several Benefits

Canadian Permanent Resident Visa can unleash an ocean of advantages once you have been recognized by the Immigration Refugees Citizenship Canada (IRCC) that you are a valuable immigrant. For all those optimistic and hopeful immigrants who are planning for the Maple Leaf Country, as soon as you move to the popular overseas destination on any specific visa, the next call that you should always keep in mind should be the—well, you guessed it right–Canadian Permanent Resident status.

Canadian Permanent Resident Status–What you Get?

Numerous benefits come your way thanks to your privileged and much sought after status. Courtesy of this standing you get all that you may have dreamed before. What’s more: you also get entitled to apply for the nation’s citizenship status, and get its passport. Let’s check some of the main Canada PR Visa benefits that will improve your life rather dramatically!

Canadian Permanent Resident
Canadian Permanent Resident

Stay of Indefinite Period

Upon getting the Canadian PR status, you can live in the hotspot for an indefinite period for the purpose of study, work or any other thing as per the discretion of the immigrant.

Sponsorship Privileges

Those who are given the Canadian PR can sponsor their eligible family member to come and live in the nation. Such family members will be naturalized and they will be given equal rights as other Canadian citizens.

Freedom to Work

With the Canadian PR, you can work and stay a better life in the nation. As per the regulatory complaints, you can seek for the right wages and fair pay upon getting recognized as PR holder. However, it doesn’t mean that those not holding the PR Visa are exploited and paid badly. Specific laws are there to safeguard their rights too, but the PR status will give you additional leverages.

No Tax on Income Abroad

In case of the income earned beyond the Canadian borders, no tax would be levied on the immigrant. Such benefits can drive you to earn more abroad and save your endeavors from getting penalized in the form of taxes.

Access to Subsidized Education

To promote social welfare and competitiveness, in Canada specific subsidy is given to the Canadian citizens for higher education. If you are given the PR status, you can either submit an application for the privileges on your own, or you can also present a petition on the behalf of your children. In both cases, you will be entitled to get the different benefits associated with the PR status that you hold.

Get a good immigration agent who can help you successfully submit an application for the PR Visa. It has quick processing time and you can enjoy numerous advantages.

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