Canadian Project to Facilitate Smoother Integrate of the Newcomers Into the Labor Economy!

Recently, the Canadian Government announced that new immigrants in Canada would now get proper help in the process of integration into their workplace in Canada. Canadian unveils a new online project that basically focuses on the pre-arrival stage of the Canadian immigration process.

The Integrated Pre-Arrival Services Online (IPSO) project is designed to provide the newcomers with the helpful online tools before they land in Canada. It allows new immigrants to Canada to have access to all the useful tools that may help them better integrate into countries labor market.

The Canadian State Minister (Foreign Affairs), Peter Kent said while making the announcement of the new project that the government is taking steps to address the barriers in respect of foreign qualification recognition so that the overseas immigrants could make most of their talents. The introduction of the Integrated Pre-Arrival Services Online project is one of the steps that would help newcomers in integrating themselves into the Canadian labor market, which in turn would help the countries economy to improve. With the project, the government is hoping to attract and retain the superior overseas talents for the countries long-term economic success!

The Canadian government is reportedly providing over $1.7 million to a non-for-profit organization called JVS Toronto for the operation of the project. The agency is altogether responsible for developing and supporting the online project. JVS Toronto basically works with government as well as private enterprises and helps people in developing their skills in order to accomplish various educational/vocational goals.

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