Overview of Canadian Provinces Immigration Trend!

Provincial Nominee Programs are fetching sound figure of annual immigrants to the federal Canada. These programs are functioning well according to the federal government’s immigration policies and plans to migrate skilled workers to regional projects and remote regional areas. The current immigration trends of popular Canadian provinces are somehow in line with the Canada government’s expectations.

Every Canadian province varies significantly in terms of the structure of its economy, ongoing projects and labor market. Immigration programs and yearly quotas are assigned according to the need of the province.

The province of Ontario is one of the popular immigration destinations in Canada. Recently the city of Toronto has been ranked as the second best business destination in the world, just falling behind New York City. It’s a great achievement by Ontario province as it will surly boost heavy investment to this province as well as immigration satisfying labor demands. Ontario was hit hard at the time of economic downturn after an employment peak in 2008, but the Canadian province is gripping well back its immigration trend

Alberta is flashing many encouraging news from investment and employment sectors. Alberta has suffered huge employment loss during economic depression. But the province is attracting more and more skilled immigrants all as a result of huge investment in oil sands projects and requirement of labors in the project.

British Columbia has shown a balanced trend in terms of immigration. Down in 2008, peaking up in 2009 and later a slight fall afterwards. The province of Quebec remains a popular choice as usual. Recent trends show a slight decrease in the immigration figure of Quebec but it is not so significant.

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