Long & Short of Canadian Quebec Visa!

The Canadian province of Quebec is a big hit with the immigrants keen on immigrating to this French- speaking region, which is one of the most preferred destinations across the world. Reports suggest that every year Quebec rolls out a red carpet welcome to nearly 45,000 migrants who throng the nation from more than 100 nations. These migrants, who get a visa to the province, play a decisive role in the all round growth of the region. This brings one to the issue of Skilled Worker Program of Quebec. It is tailored to woo those immigrants who not only have the skills required in the province, but are also keen on doing a job and also living there.

Thanks to its only-one-of-its-kind position inside Canada, Quebec has its own distinct program of immigration for the interested immigrants. It offers a superb chance to the future applying individuals who may not meet the requirements for the Federal Skilled Worker Visa to apply suitably, settle, and do a job anywhere across the beautiful Quebec province.

While we are on the subject, it needs mentioning that nearly 33,000 Skilled Worker Visas for Quebec have been earmarked for the purpose of issuance this year. The visa in question enables the applying individuals, having not less than six months of experience related to work, to file an application. The applicants keen on Quebec immigration, under its Skilled Worker Program, must also meet additional requirements, such as an evaluation, which is points-based, and basic requirements, which include character and health.

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