Canadians Respect Nurses, Firefighters & Journalists the Most

Marketing & salespersons and politicians do not command much respect here in India, and most people do not seem to have a very good opinion about them, perhaps, because these professionals pester others for a favor, in return for almost nothing. What is surprising is that the situation is not much different in Canada.      

As per a new study done recently in the month of March to be precise these two professionals are not much respected in Canada also, and the Canadians do not have very positive things to say about them. On the other hand, certain professionals like firefighters and nurses are not only respected, but they are also regarded very high in the country by the common man.

According to the study in question, over 90% of the Canadians respect these specific professionals. Skilled health practitioners, teachers, engineers, architects, scientists, farmers and veterinarians also command respect even as according to the survey over 80% people in the country like them.

As per those behind the survey, even as the common man loves trained nurses and doctors, since they are the ones they bump into regularly, architects and engineers are also liked by several since their work matters in the people’s daily lives.

The study says that politicians and salespersons are among the least liked professionals (less than a quarter of the respondents stated that like them). Significantly, this has continued to be the same for the previous three years.

As per the surveyors, the pathetic performance of politicians and salespersons is thanks to poor trust. With a view to win the love of more people, it is required that politicians fulfill the pledges they make. Salespersons also often do not keep their word after they close a deal. And so, allegedly, no wonder these professionals are not much liked in the country.

Significantly, lawyers, business executives, realtors and surveyors also do not command much respect in Canada, and less than half of respondents in the survey reportedly stated that they like them.

Canadian like Journalists

The local people in the Maple Leaf Country, however, have a high regard for the journalists, as per the survey. These professionals managed a BIG rise, by winning the love and esteem of 62% people in 2017 from the previous 58% in 2016. The percentage of people liking these professionals further jumped this year when as high as 70% of people in the country spoke highly of them.

As per the surveyors, a shift in the people’s view of media could be a key reason behind the increasing respect for the particular line-of-work.

Interestingly, the figure of people, who liked police officials, fluctuated vastly across the different generations. While just 19% of the baby boomers do not like them, 23% of the Generation X, and 33% of the millennials have negative opinions about them in Canada.

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