Canadian, US Sign Memorandum of Understanding!

The neighboring American countries, United States and Canada having common goals when it comes to border security, have earlier this year announced to come into an understanding memorandum. Last Wednesday, both the countries’ powerful officials met up at a cross-border crime summit, where they discussed the importance of co-operation from both the countries in maintaining smooth running of border security.

Reportedly, the concern of cross-border security stemmed from the fact that terrorist threats have always been a hindrance for Canada, as well as the US. Officials from Canada and Cabinet Secretaries of Obama Administration met up at the 11th annual Canada- United States Cross-Border Crime Forum in Washington and discussed every possible aspects of border security. This is when towards the end of the day, officials from both the countries signed the memorandum.

The recently signed agreement between Canada and United States requires both countries to provide information to each other when border officials seize over 10,000 Dollars. According to reports, the memorandum is expected to strengthen the money-laundering and terrorist-financing investigations on the part of both the countries, thereby alerting the countries about a potential terrorist attack.

The memorandum of understanding between Canada and United States was announced in July this year. On Wednesday, this was signed by officials from the Canada Border Services Agency; U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement; and U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

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