Canberra Brings Up-To-Date Amendment to Acceptable Skills Assessments for Temporary Graduate Scheme

In a rather important development, the concerned Australian Immigration organization has reportedly made public amendment to acceptable skills assessments for Regional Skilled Migration Plan (subcategory 187) Permits & Employer Nomination Plan (subcategory 186) Permits. Actually, from October 28, 2013, the Australian immigration department has already begun the process of not admitting skills assessments gained for a Temporary Graduate (subcategory 485) Permit when candidates file a petition for either a Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme Permit or an Employer Nomination Scheme Permit.

However, it needs to be noted that the modifications will not influence or impact the aspirants who filed a visa-petition under the said classes prior to said date, i.e., October 28, 2013. As a key component of the permanent Employer Sponsored Permit  Scheme, both the given visa categories are meant for trained employees from outside Down Under, or qualified temporary residents who presently reside and do a job in the Kangaroo Land (as Australia is sometimes called across the globe).

Regional Sponsored Migration & Employer Nomination Scheme Requirements

The candidates for these permit categories should:

  1. Have nomination from a duly endorsed recruiter/firm which will offer nomination for a job-opening in their company in regional Australia.
  2. Be below 50 years.
  3. Fulfill the expertise & qualification conditions.
  4. Cater to the English language prerequisites.

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