Canberra Observes Refugee Week

According to certain fresh reports, Refugee Week 2013 has been celebrated with much enthusiasm across several Australian states & territories, between June 16 and June 22. It’s a yearly occasion to allegedly mark the contribution that the refugees make to the country, and inspire individuals to adopt a more constructive look at asylum.. Since the 1980s, the nationals have celebrated the Refugee Week even as the same takes place simultaneously with the World Refugee Day that falls on June 20.

As per the Australian Minister for Immigration & Citizenship, since World War II, 800 000 refugees and humanitarian candidates have gained admission into the country, marking the striking diversity of the refugee population across the nation. He added that immigrants make an astonishing contribution to the national life even as the Refugee Week is an opportunity to accept the difficulties the refugees come across, and to celebrate whatever they carry along with them to the national society.

Brendan O’Connor, the immigration minister, further said that Down Under has an excellent history as a refugee resettlement nation, besides a supportive global associate, even as the same is displayed by the successful settlement of 800 000 refugee & humanitarian migrants, via the program meant for them.

He continued that the administration is devoted to making certain that individuals, who make the country their home, get the assistance they require, to restore their lives & become dynamic members in the society. O’Connor added that the Refugee Week is a vital time not only to identify this pledge, but the diversity as well which has developed, via the humanitarian system.

Allegedly, the nation’s resettlement custom is essential to offering fresh opportunities for those who need humanitarian assistance and support.

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