Certain Amendments to be Made to the Citizenship Tests of UK

A recent report has revealed that immigrants, who wish to obtain the Citizenship of United Kingdom, now may have to learn a part of the UK’s National Anthem; as one of the several proposed amendments to the Citizenship Test of the nation.

The said report has also mentioned that in the year of 2011, Mr. David Cameron, the Prime Minister of United Kingdom declared that the UK government was planning to streamline the citizenship test. However, now the government of this Royal Land seems to move towards its planned amendments. In the past, the UK’s Citizenship Test, currently which takes 45 minutes to complete, was criticized by saying that immigrants were not tested properly on the basis of British culture and history.

Under the new amendments, the test of UK’s citizenship will be including questions on famous artistic and historical personalities throughout the history of Britain. Besides, where in the past the test of citizenship included the European Union, the Human Rights Act and claiming benefits information, the latest amendments will include new questions regarding the inventions of Britain, like the Internet and radar. Moreover, other essential discoveries, for instance: the DNA discovery will also come under this.

In this connection, the UK Home Office spokesperson was quoted as saying that the guide will be promoting Britain as an excellent destination for living and an advanced prosperous society with a rich and rich historical background. The spokesman also expressed that making the British history and culture as the heart of this test will ensure that the people who wish to settle permanently in UK are able to understand the life of Britain and it will help the immigrants to easily integrate into the British society.

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