Changes in immigration rule will not affect application process – UK Home Office

In response of Supreme Court’s reaction against the decision made under the country’s skilled migrant program, the UK home office finally came with an announcement of changing the immigration rules.

The apex court of the UK recently addressed the new changes to the UK Border Agency’s points-system of family migration, skilled migration and visitor’s visa and revealed it is unlawful as such changes has not been approved by the parliament.

Taking on the changes to the list of skill level, advertising needs, salary and occupation shortage that had been completely set forth in codes of practice, the ruling expressed it had not been rolled out in the parliament.

Reacting on the statements by ruling, the Home Office strongly revealed its plan of introducing statements of new changes, subjected to be laid before parliament on July 19 and will come into an effect on 20 July. The step will be taken for safeguarding their lawful operation.

The ministers at Home Office also asserted that the changed rule doesn’t make any kind of impact on the profile of those who are responsible for making application for family visa, visitor visa and skilled migrant. They further confirmed that the important guidelines are to be issued to the applicants who were refused for visa following the previous law.

“The immigration rule changes, has nothing to do with the procedure of accepting the applications. On the contrary, it is an important effort of supporting our general task for making the immigration system easy and also ensures whether the guidance and existing policy used in immigration rules if necessary,” the Home Office ministers, said.

The rule change-issue broke out when a Pakistani citizen, who went to apply for a visa extension, denied for having insufficient skilled.

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