Check Your Australia Permanent Residency Points & Learn If You Can Make The Cut!

Australia Permanent Residency Points

The points that you need to score for applying for visa is dependent on the various factors. Let us see the Australia Permanent Residency Points that you can score so that your application gets approved!

Australia Permanent Residency Points
Australia Permanent Residency Points

Score test that you have to undertake

There is a test that you need to undertake in order to have the illegible score for your application to be selected. The points are awarded based on your age, language ability, skill that you have for employment, the qualification that you have in education, and your requirement for studies in the country. These are the general scores that you have to score in order to be able to reside in Down Under.

Special points that you can score

There are certain special points that you can score to make your application more strong, so that they get selected. The natures in which you can score such points are in the category, knowledge of any regional language, skill qualification, the experience if you have any of working in the country, nomination by a government authority, or by a family member that you have residing in Oz.

Points that you must have to pass the test

Each test as always has a pass mark. You must have that marks or points in order that you become illegible to apply under that category. If you are applying for the Skilled Independent Sub Class of Visa, then you have to score 60 points. It is the same if you apply for Skilled Sponsored and Skilled Regional Sponsored. Yu can find-out if you are scoring these points by online means. It is better to know whether you are having the required points before applying for the visa. If you find that the necessary scores are not met by you, then you must try to score those points and then apply.

For more information about Australia Permanent Residency Points, talk to expert.

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