Chetan Mehta’s Visa Scam

A man pretending as a Visa agent duped hundreds of applicants to get the job of salesmen and later disappeared with the application money. Chetan Mehta, the man behind the racket escaped after promising jobs in Dubai to almost 300 people in Ahmedabad.

The police cross-examined Bharti Dolariya, the deputy of Chetan Mehta, but did not take her into custody as there were no ample proofs against her. She was working at the position of a telephone operator in the Cross World Organization, owned by Chetan Mehta.

A group of victims, who suffered the scam, approached Navrangpura police station, in order to file a complaint against Mehta.  KC Rathod, the investigating office for the case, stated that the statement of Bharti Dolariya has been recorded which states that she had no knowledge abut the deceitful activities going on in the organization. Bharti’s job responsibilities included transferring the telephone lines to her boss. The Navrangpura police (in Ahmedabad) have passed this information to the Immigration office and asked them to bar Chetan from escaping the country.

Incidents like these spoil the image of the “Immigration and Visa agents” as an identity. Not all fingers are same! But, one should always hire a genuine Visa consultant or/and agent after cross-checking the status and knowing the past experience from the existing clients. It will not only ensure a hassle free application process but also give you a tag of “Legality” for your Immigration status, provided you qualify for the same.

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