Know about the Early Childhood (Pre-Primary School) Teacher Occupation in Australia!

Teaching is a great profession that involves the job of imparting education. When it comes to the occupation of a teacher, there are many people who have been practicing this profession with great dedication for several years.

If you are presently working as an early childhood teacher which is popularly known as pre-primary school teacher and wish to migrate overseas with the same profession, then Australia would be the perfect destination for you.

The occupation of a pre-primary school teacher in Australia involves the job of planning, organizing and conducting activities to help the students to develop a wide range of skills such as:  reading, speech, writing, motoring and social interaction skills.

In order to opt for this particular skilled occupation, the applicants should have the skill level equal to graduation or higher qualification. However, relevant experience of 5 years can substitute the need for formal qualification. At the same time, there are certain skilled occupations in Australia that may require both relevant experience or on- job training along with formal qualification.

Though the level of skills for each occupation remains consistent with the Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations, but it may vary from the requirements determined by the assessing authorities for evaluating skills. If you want know about the requirements of the relevant assessing body regarding your chosen occupation, you can directly contact them.

While migrating to Australia as a skilled immigrant, every aspirant has to go through a skills assessment process by the relevant national skills assessment authority of the country. The assessment authority for the occupation of pre-primary school teacher in Australia is the Australian Institute of Teaching and School Leadership.

To claim points for your educational qualifications or work experience in your designated occupation, you have to forward all your relevant documents to your relevant authority for assessment. It is very necessary, as the Immigration and Citizenship Department of the country will provide necessary advices on your documents. The department considers their advices while awarding points on qualifications and work experience.

However, if you don’t have the qualifications that are relevant to your designated profession and yet wish to claim points, then the assessing authority won’t be able to provide advices to the immigration department for your qualifications and work experience. In this kind of situation, the department will determine your points for your qualifications.

In some of the skilled occupations, the applicants must get registered with or attain a license from the native state authority where they wish to practice their profession. By becoming a relevant industry associate for your occupation, you can get a lot of benefits, such as: getting important information and support for employment prospects, networking, industry contact and professional development.

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