Christmas Island in News Again!

Christmas Island has been in news for almost two weeks now. Media saw the transportation of detainees from the Detention Center of Christmas land to the one on the mainland. Later, the island got median attention when its main detention center exceeded its capacity of detainees, allowing some of the people to stay in rooms mean for teaching English and taking interviews.

Recently, a minor protest was witnessed on Christmas Island, after two protests which happened over the weekend already. One of them included smashing a TV set and the other one saw windows being broken with detainees throwing balls at them.

A spokesman confirmed that a total of 25 detainees were involved in the incident, while yesterday’s occurrence saw 9 people going on for a hunger strike. The news of a security guard being brutally smashed has not been confirmed yet.

The incidents are happening on the verge of center’s capacity exceeding its actual number, creating huge hurdles day by day. The department is saying that it can handle the quantity, but occurrences of such types are pointing out in some direction.

Spokesman from Refugee Action Coalition says that occurrences of such kinds would continue to hike up until the detainees are brought to the mainland. Also, the lack of transparency about what is happening in the detention center is making the issue worse.

He said that he is expecting to see a worse situation that what is seen in today’s scenario, courtesy the overcrowded detention center.

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