Comprehending Quebec Immigrant Investor Program

The well-known Canadian province of Quebec has its own distinct visa programs even as its immigrant investor program is a big hit with the investor-aspirants from across the globe, for a variety of compelling reasons. The interesting news is that the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program arguably enjoys more acceptance than even the Canada Federal Investor Program. Yes, it’s true!

The former is almost the same as the latter with these vital differences: the investment is pledged by the province; the aspirant ought to mention a plan to stay in the province; the profits of the investment are assigned to Quebec in place of the English speaking provinces, and the 5 year investment period starts in the wake of Quebec sanction, even prior to the investor-applicant actually lands on the Canadian soils. In case the federal officials reject the petition–for health or security reasons–the investment is duly returned.

An investor is described as an overseas person with not less than 2 years in the 5 years heading the submission, of management experience in a lawful farming, commercial or industrial business, or an appropriate officially permitted professional firm (whose workers include not less than 2 permanent workers, even as the same do not cover the proprietor & his partner), or a government organization who alone–or along with his accompanying partner or genuine mate–possesses net assets of not less than $1.6 Million gained legitimately, and this does not include the money received, via gift inside the time-frame of 6 months, before the presentation of a petition, and who accepts to make an investment of $800,000 for a period of 5 years, in a duly fixed (administration assured) investment.

Latest legislative & policy amendments have given investor’s executive experience a comparatively more moderate petition than historically applied with a view to enable professionals–like doctors, accountants, dentists, pharmacists, attorneys, & engineers, who run their own professional practices, and which hire not less than 2 permanent workers–to make the cut as an investor.

A candidate can suitably fund the investment in a way comparable to the Federal scheme with the only distinction being that Quebec designates securities brokerage companies & investment banks to finance the investment instead of the banks. As mentioned elsewhere, the Quebec scheme has been more accepted, as compared to the Federal scheme with the reason being it normally processes the submissions earlier & pay brokers better commissions.

Post approval—and before the offering of the permit, which, in general, materializes inside 3 to 6 months–the Quebec-bound candidates have to go through Federal security & health background checks.

Quebec Immigrant Investor Program: Salient Features

  1. 800,000 Canadian Dollars investment
  2. 1,600,000 Canadian Dollars net worth
  3. 2,000 files quota with a 70% maximum per nation
  4. 10,000 Canadian Dollars petition processing fees

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