Computer Having Information on Tamil Migrants Stolen!

Toronto- Reports have confirmed that computer which was storing all the information related with the illegal Tamils who came to Canada in the month of August has been stolen from the office located in Toronto.

According to David Poopalapillai from The Canadian Tamil Congress, the incident happened on the night of Saturday, when someone broke into the premises in an illegal manner and stole the system which was carrying the names and all the related information of almost five hundred Tamil people who entered the country last month.

Poopalapillai said that the information has been stolen now, courtesy which the department is very tensed at present. The concern is especially true for the safety of the families as well as their security issues back in their home country.

It has been confirmed by the local police that certain signs of forced entry have been witnessed at the venue. In addition, it has been affirmed that “a quantity of equipment” has been taken from the premises.

In addition, investigations are pointing out in the direction that it is a targeted attack as other things like a flat screen TV and other systems are kept as it is.

The display of such vital information may prove hazardous from the security point of view. Also, it will spread the protected information in unwanted hands which may lead to sour situations in future.

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