Attention Computer Programmers, Streamline Canada Immigration Visa Application Through Express Entry!

Qualified Computer Programmers, eager to migrate to Canada, are advised to submit their application today. The reason: your services are officially required in the country. As per some reports, at present, in Canada the job prospects of trained professionals like you are quite bright in fact.

Canada, also known as ‘immigrants’ paradise’, is ready to give you a warm welcome. The Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) will proffer easy immigration opportunities. You will be offered the prized Permanent Residency (PR) status as well.

The nation is ready to offer excellent employment opportunities for those Trained Computer Programmers, who are eager to enhance their professional skills and test their potentials.

Significantly, besides offering lucrative job prospects, the popular immigration destination is famous for its quality lifestyle, immigrant-friendly society, beautiful landscapes, picturesque beaches, multicultural environment and strong economy.

Today, Computer Programmers have an important role to play. No computer works without programming. Even a simple start up to shut down command, needs a systematic programming.   Such professionals write the detail instructions that allow the computer to perform given command.  They write the command in the specific code that allows the computer to perform smoothly. They work in close association with system analysts and computer software engineers.

If various fields, like gaming, publishing, manufacturing and designing industry attracts you, then surely you would become a good computer programmer, and if you dream to make Canada your home country, then it’s not at all difficult.

Canada Immigration For Computer Programmers

Key Responsibilities

  1. Modify existing computer programmes as per requirements.
  2. Test, modify and write software codes.
  3. Lead or/and coordinate the team of computer programmer.
  4. Recognize and communicate technical errors, solutions and processes.
  5. Write manuals, reports and related documents on the operation, maintenance and status of software.
  6. Aid in the documentation of user’s requirements and physical and logical specifications.
  7. Vigorously contribute in research activities and evaluate various software products.

Remuneration & Prospects

The yearly, remuneration varies based on various factors such as the size of the company, its reputation, and financial stability. Usually, on an average, such professionals get anything between CAD $ 80,000 to CAD$ 95,000 which is a really good start for such experts.

Remarkably, it has been observed that the services of these professionals are required the most in the Ottawa region of the country.

Immigration Path

If you are impressed by the country and think as a Computer Programmer you will excel, then you can think of Canada Immigration. You can easily streamline your visa application through Canada Express Entry system–an unprecedented offering from the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC).

This year Express Entry System has completely changed the Canada Immigration scenario. Immigrants find it really easy to live their immigration dream in reality.

Now that you know almost everything that you are required to know, what are you really waiting for?

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