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The fourth most populous city, and the sixth most populous urban agglomeration across the nation, Hyderabad is the capital of the southern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. Strategically located in the heart of the Deccan Plateau, Hyderabad is placed right on the crossroads of South and North India.

Earlier a global center of the pearls and diamond trade, this ‘City of Pearls’, over the years, has surfaced as a centre for the information technology, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology industries, together with traditional and service industries.

Much like other leading Indian cities and regions, Hyderabad, too, has a thriving populace of ambitious people–mostly skilled professionals and overseas inspired entrepreneurs & businessmen–for whom the sky is the limit.

Such people and others who dream of immigrating overseas for professional/business and other reasons often search for immigration and visa consultancies to realize their immigration dreams to the hot destinations of Canada, the US, the NZ, the UK, Singapore, Hong Kong, Latvia, Lithuania, among others.

For these people, many immigration consultancies operate from Hyderabad. This may be an altogether different issue that most of them could be in the domain for the single object of making money, come what may. Their success ratio may be negligible but since not many aspirants care to do some spadework before they employ their services, they (such consultancies) continue to remain in the business at the cost of these hapless aspirants.

Abhinav Hyderabad

Among the crowd of such consultancies, this consultancy comes as welcome news. This regional office of Abhinav Immigration, which has its head office at New Delhi, has been doing a reasonably good job of providing quality visa & immigration consultancy to a large number of aspirants since long.

It will really be an excellent idea to employ their services if you happen to be from Hyderabad, and want to immigrate under any visa category or class. Though the said consultancy covers all hot overseas destinations, as mentioned elsewhere, their USP is Canada Immigration. In fact, the consultants of this immigration consultancy are legally authorized representatives of Immigration Canada.

If you are looking for Canadian Immigration Consultants, consult Abhinav Hyderabad, minus any hesitations whatsoever! The experts from this famous consultancy would offer you absolutely free-of-charge assessment form to judge your suitability, or otherwise, for a permit/visa under a specific class or category.

They would tell you that you can apply under Canada Federal Skilled Migrant Program even as for the purpose your educational backgrounds, work experience & proficiency in English/French language would come handy. They would tell you that this famous program of Canada is a Point Based System even while for overall work experience; you can get a maximum of 21 points. They will also inform you that for proficiency in English and/or French language a maximum 24 points could be pocketed.

It is not that Abhinav Hyderabad covers only Canada. The consultancy also covers other hot destinations, including Australia and Denmark, as mentioned elsewhere. If you are keen to immigrate to Australia, the consultants from this renowned consultancy would inform you about the General Skilled Migrant Program made available by the country for overseas trained migrants. You would learn all about the Skilled Occupations List (SOL) and get to know that IT experts, professional engineers, chartered accountants, tradesperson, finance managers, health professionals, and computing experts are in high demand in the country. You would also learn that much like the skilled migration program offered by Canada, via a points-based system, the General Skilled Migrant Program offered by Australia is also a Points Based System.

However, if you interested in Denmark even while you wish to immigrate to it, you will learn about Green Card Point Based scheme of the nation. Abhnav Hyderabad consultants would tell you about Denmark Green Card Points Based system and you will know that it evaluates the potential candidates on the basis of their skills (age, educational background, proficiency in the language and work experience) and enables them to pocket a Temporary Residence Permit/Visa on the basis of their qualifications for the object of getting employed in the country.

Abhiav Hyderabad, however, will not only offer all possible information on these and other hot overseas destinations, and evaluate your eligibility (or otherwise), via free evaluation, they would also help you file your applications with the concerned organizations, and be you most reliable partner throughout the long and arduous process from beginning to end. The key goal of the consultancy remains assisting you get the much prized visa of your chosen destination–that too under a category or class preferred by you.

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