Coronavirus could not diminish the desire to migrate among prospective Canada immigrants

As the pandemic has disrupted the normalcy and has forced people to change their course of action for immediate and future plans, a survey was conducted in April by World Education Services (WES) to understand the impact of COVID-19 on people’s interest in pursuing Canada immigration. The survey targeted people who are either on pre-arrival phase or are on track to migrate to Canada.

What comes as unexpected to the researchers, 38% of the total 4,615 respondents have expressed increased interest in their immigration plans whereas 57% say that the pandemic has not affected their interest. Only 5% responders told that they are less interested in migrating to Canada due to the disruptions caused by the pandemic.

On financial terms, more than half of the respondents claimed that their ability to pay for the Canada Immigration has not been impacted due to the Coronavirus whereas 35% admits that they have been negatively affected financially to bear the cost of immigration.

Around 39% of the responses believe that due to the personal, family and financial hardship they underwent in this phase has even inspired them to migrate to a country like Canada which would handle such unforeseen troubles efficiently as compared to their respective countries.

Another aspect which was taken into account was the loss of job opportunities in Canada due to pandemic. Though, this is the major concern among most of the immigrants, but they would still like to continue with their immigration process. A majority of 46% respondents said that loss of job prospects in Canada is not going to affect them.

The challenges like delay in the processing time by IRCC, reduction in the immigration targets and travel restrictions do not seem to be obstacles to the prospective immigrants. The fear of contracting COVID-19 has led some respondents to delay their immigration to a future date but 42% said they would continue with the process without any delays from their end.

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This survey suggests that people look forward to migrating to Canada as a positive and healthy step. They believe that they will have to undergo less hardships in Canada as the government is self-sufficient to deal with the economic crisis and proactively works towards the welfare of all the sections of the society.

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