Costs for Illegal Migrants!

When it comes to illegal migration, there have been many who have said that illegal migrants tend to negatively impact the local economies as they send money back home and not utilizing them on the communities where they are residing and working. According to the President of the Pennsylvania Building and Construction Trades Council, Frank A. Sirianni, a lot of money s being lost in the local tax base as well as the local community which is wrong.

Many studies have been conducted which have concluded that there has been a significant impact on the economy with specific reference to illegal migration. This is especially at the local level. However, experts such as Dr. Roger White who is an Associate Professor of Economics at the Franklin & Marshall College feel that undocumented workers tend to pay heavier taxes than that is known. As per Dr. White, many undocumented migrants tend to acquire the relevant documentation by obtaining a Social Security Number of another person. This permits them to work legally and defer detention.

On the other hand, a 2007 report from the Congressional Budget Office reveals that 50 to 75 percent of the undocumented migrants tend to pay local, state as well as the federal taxes. There have been several other studies which have indicated many different aspects which include paying for taxes and benefits which these migrants cannot claim. Such benefits include Medicare as well as Social Security.

However, if looked at the overall picture, the shortfall is mainly due to the low level of education which caters to a lower income resulting in lower tax payment. As perceived, it is not the unwillingness to work and the excess use of social services.

Majority of the undocumented migrants have jobs and their average household income is about $30, 019. At the same time, most of them cannot the public services. The heavy expenditures are spent on food assistance, federal aid to schools, Medicaid and so on. Such households pay over $4,200 per year in the form of federal taxes. This clearly shows a federal deficit of $2,750. In a way, if these migrants are given a legal status, this could do much better for both these migrants as well as the economy of the nation.

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