Couldn’t Make It To The Indian Team? Immigrate to a country that is welcoming for sportsmen!

Consider this example – Nasser Hussain, an Indian by origin went on to represent England Cricket Team and become one of the most applauded cricketers of the world! Today, he is a proficient commentator. Hard Hitter Kevin Peterson was born in South Africa, but now it is hard to imagine England team without his presence!

Consider players of Indian origin like GM Emmett, ERT Holmes, Nawab of Pataudi senior, MM Patel and RA Young who went on to play for England whereas BB Cooper and RHD Sellers chose Australia as their playing destination. Also, G Cripps and TA Ward played from the South African cricket team! You would be shocked to know that almost 30 players have symbolized Pakistan Cricket Team too! Talking about the Anglo-Indian connection, ace players like Stuart Clark and Mark Ramprakash have served an integral part of Australian and England team respectively. The list is endless.

Now let us talk something about hockey. Keegan Pereira, Gabbar Singh and Ranjeev Deol are hockey players, but of Indian origin and guess what, they all are marking their brilliance felt in the Canadian hockey team that is participating in the world cup hockey being held in India!

Sometimes, players or their families migrate from one country to another and went on to achieve – either the immigrant or family member- a place in the sports team of that particular nation! The selection in national sports teams confirm that these countries accept immigrants with open arms and do not discriminate between the immigrants and current citizens. There is equal opportunity for all!

Immigrants of Indian origin making good in sports in their new homeland! Now that is perk and side of immigration that is not looked into while taking decision to migrate. It sure is a great fringe benefit!

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