Countries with the highest emigrating population

Countries with the highest emigrating population

Within 2019 itself, around 7000 Indians with net worth ranging from $1 million to $9.9 million migrated overseas and began with their new lives. The primary reasons for the individuals to leave the country to settle abroad are tax benefits, more enormous opportunities, work culture and financial benefits, and peaceful and healthy living conditions with better healthcare and educational facilities. These people migrated, keeping in my mind the well-being of their families and future generations. The top 10 countries from where people migrated to different nations in 2019 are listed below.

  1. China: 16,000 High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI) migrated from China in 2019
  2. India: 7,000 HNIWs migrated, which is 2% of the population of total HNWIs in India
  3. Russia: 6,000 HNIWs migrated to different nations from Russia in 2019. It makes up for 6% of the total population of High Net Worth Individuals in Russia
  4. Hong Kong: 4,200 HNIWs settled abroad
  5. Turkey: 8% population of the total population of HNWIs, i.e., 2100 people migrated
  6. United Kingdom: 2000 HNWIs migrated, not causing any significant loss of their population
  7. France: 1800 people moved to a different nation in 2019
  8. Brazil: Around 1400 people left the country to settle abroad
  9. Saudi Arabia: HNWIs population decreased by 3% as 1200 people migrated abroad
  10. Indonesia: Nearly 1000 people settled overseas leaving the nation

The most preferred destination for the migrants in the recent times is Canada, USA, Australia and UK. There is also a rise in demand for having alternate citizenship after the pandemic. Therefore, wealthy people, especially Indians, invest in Citizenship by Investment programs offered by several peaceful nations. The primary reason for people to migrate is to find a better place to live their life. They consider monetary benefits, family safety, and security, and their future and then make the big decision of their lives.

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