Court Favors English Language Schools in Britain!

English language schools in Britain have finally got the response in their favor from the court over opposing the UK government’s stricter visa regulations for international students which require them to have a good standard of English before entering the UK. In other words, the UK’s Labor government (previous) has set the regulation that overseas students who want to take up English language courses in Britain are required to have a standard proficiency of the language before they enter the nation for the courses. This is the rule opposed by many English language education providers, who think the rule is absurd and it is a threat to the businesses.

The UK’s language teaching association, English UK took the initiative to challenge the new rule, on a legal field, which is believed to have tightened by then Home Secretary Alan Johnson as part of the plan to discourage illegal immigration. But, the English UK opposed the rule, saying that the decision to have such a regulation is wrong on the part of government without mentioning it in the Parliament.

Finally the High Court Judge declared that the Labor Home Secretary should not have introduced the regulations that prevent the foreign aspirants from entering the UK for their English courses study. The English UK group is quite satisfied about the Judge’s decision.

English UK is constituted of 440 language schools across the United Kingdom. They found it very ridiculous that government wanted overseas students to have minimum of GCSE level of English proficiency before they enter the nation to study ‘English’. The association believes the Judge’s decision will help businesses as well as the UK economy to evolve, keeping the fact in mind that English language sector accounts for almost 1.5 billion euro of the foreign earnings per year.

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