Debunking the top 5 delusional Canada PR points relating to the Express Entry System

Being the 2nd largest country in the world, Canada is a very familiar name in the immigrant community. Stable economy, higher living standards, eloquent population and low crime rate makes Canada the most popular immigration destination worldwide.

The now in place, Express Entry System has completely revolutionized the immigration system of Canada. With innovative practices being adopted to deal with incoming applications, which results in a much faster processing time.

However, not everyone is as informed about Express Entry and Canada PR points as they claim to be, and here we’ll be talking about some of the biggest myths that exists in the Express Entry Program.

  1. The Express Entry is for everyone

It’s foolish to think that anyone who wishes to immigrate to Canada regardless of age or skill may enter the Express Entry pool. A fun fact is that one can only enter the Express Entry pool if he/she is eligible for immigrating to Canada via a federal economic immigration program.

All aspirants have to be eligible for one of the following existing federal economic immigration programs:

  • The Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP)
  • The Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP)
  • The Canadian Experience Class
  1. You need a job offer to qualify for Express Entry

One of the biggest delusions is that you need a job offer to qualify for express entry pool, whereas a job offer isn’t absolutely necessary, but having one will definitely help in improving your chances for Canadian PR.

It’s true that Canadian employers will have a more direct impact on you via Express Entry, but it doesn’t mean that you need a job offer to immigrate under the new Canada PR points system.

Top 5 Delusional Canada PR Points

  1. Express Entry is the only way to become a Canadian immigrant

Canada’s provinces and territories also play a major role in selecting the number of immigrants based on their provincial labor market needs, meaning that whether or not you qualify for the express entry pool each province and territory can select immigrants through their Provincial Nominee Program (PNP).

For E.g. Quebec, which is not a part of the federal Express Entry System has two distinct immigrant selection programs, Skilled Worker channel and a Quebec Experience program.

  1. You can use Express Entry to give false information to immigrate to Canada

Don’t be misguided here if you fail to represent yourself on your application, you will be caught and will face severe repercussions. Everyone wants to immigrate to Canada but no matter how much desperate you are, it’s highly recommended not to lie in your application. The Canadian government is very strict when it comes to processing applications, and falsehoods will be detected.

You might be hoping to attain some extra human capital credentials prior to being issued an invitation to apply, or you’re just hoping you won’t be caught out, but amidst of all this you could be risking your future chances of ever being able to immigrate.

The penalty for misrepresentation comes with a five-year ban and could lead to never being granted admissibility to Canada.

  1. Express Entry makes the whole immigration process far too easy

When it comes to processing applications for Canadian PR the government becomes very strict, and you’ll be required to provide the demanded supporting documents according to the CIC’s standards.

Even though the government has been working towards improving its immigration system that doesn’t necessarily mean that immigration processing times are now more efficient than ever. Your application undergoes a series of inspection and could be subject to even greater examination, if they find any misinterpretations. So, for absolute ease of processing your application we recommend you to prepare all your supporting documentation and ensure all of your information is a 100% accurate.

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