Deciphering Canada FSW Selection Criteria-Point System

Immigration to Canada was formerly administered by the “first-come-first-serve” process, but with loads of inefficiencies in the immigration, there was a bold decision taken by the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), the body governing the immigration, to bring new developments in practice.

So, they have introduced the “Expression of Interest” or “Express Entry” Programme to streamline the movement. The programme has been lauded as an exceptional and rational immigration programme to help quick movement within the time period of months.

The best part about the specific programme is its efficiency. Most of the people have appreciated the programme for reducing the inefficiencies in the immigration to Canada.

The Federal Skilled Workers Selection Criteria-Point System duly considers a wide range of criteria based on which the points are awarded for movement. At first let us first take a look at the Express Entry and then we will discuss about the FSW Selection Criteria-Point System!

The Express Entry System facilitates the movement of immigrants under three categories:

  • Federal Skilled Workers Programme (FSWP)
  • Federal Skilled Trades Programme (FSTP)
  • Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

In all these programmes, the applicants or aspiring immigrants have to secure points for their skills and experience. There is a Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) developed to monitor the immigration.

Under the CRS system, the CRS Calculator calculates the points based on the skill level, age, experience, adaptability, spouse skills, skill transferability and various other parameters. Once the evaluation is completed, you will end up getting some good numbers or marks eliciting the criteria for the movement.

How the Points Based System works for immigration to Canada?

The IRCC follows a selective point based system under the FSW Selection criteria. The criteria works for the immigrants in the following ways:

Under the system, the aspiring immigrant has to score 67 points out of 100 for streamlining the movement. The points in the CRS Point System for FSW Selection Process are apportioned in the following ways:

Language English/ French Skills

If you want to move to Canada, you ought to have basic proficiency in English and French. It is important to know these two languages for recognition. The maximum points awarded to individuals who are well acquainted with listening, reading speaking and writing English and French is 28.

The applicant will have to undergo language testing system, in this case, the IELTS or International English Language Testing System is generally considered. The candidates will have to score CLB 7 in the first official language that is English and CLB 5 in the second official language, which is French.


There are some 25 points that are straightway awarded for education and if you have university degree at doctorate level then you have bonus.  You must furnish the educational qualification of such degrees that are internationally recognized. If the applicants are able to prove that they have got Canadian Diploma or Degree, they will get 25 points straightway.

Canadian post secondary degree or diploma equivalent will yield 22 points for foreign immigrants. At the same time, Canadian post secondary diploma and degree programme of three years would fetch 21 points. The lowest point under the category is Canadian High School or equivalent with 5 points in total.

Work Experience

For those immigrants–who have spent 30 hours of work in their respective job–they will be awarded with some points based on which the immigration will be considered. For those works that are duly recognized by the National Occupation List (NOL), the applicants will get a maximum of 15 points under the category.

ExperienceMaximum Points out of 15
1 Year9
2-3 Years11
4-5 Years13
6 or more years15



Applicants can get a maximum 12 points under the point system of the FSW Selection.

The distribution of points under the FSW is based as per the table that is given below.

Under 180
47 & Older0



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