Deciphering fresh Online Processing of US Permits

Good news for the candidates of the US permits—more so for those who are from India! Thanks to the latest commencement of the online US permit processing, getting permits for the country is all set to become comparatively not only faster but also quicker.

Certain latest information in this context suggests that the aspirants will not have to make trips to the embassy or the consular office of the US only to cool their heels in long, serpentine lines. They just need to visit the official website to successfully file a petition for the said permits.

The latest online US permit processing came into force from September 26, 2012.

Give US permit petition charges online

The candidates for the US permits will enjoy the facility of settling the fee for the US permit, either via cell phone, or via what is called EFT (electronic fund transfer).

Meanwhile, talking about the finer details–involving the procedure of the charges–an involved person was quoted as saying that the charges for the US permit may be settled at any of the branches of the well-known Axis Bank.

Further, the facts involving the activation of the receipt of the US permit charges will be offered to the aspirants, via an SMS inside 60 minutes of the payment even as the same will assist them move forward with the arrangement of the appointment.

Online appointment arrangement

The fresh course of action will simplify the procedure related to the fee payment for the US permit. It will also program appointment for the object of the accumulation of the biometrics. The aspirants may obtain the facts involving the many papers needed for the said purpose at the fresh website. The fresh procedure necessitates the first-time candidates to obtain the first appointment at an embassy of the US, and the second appointment at, what is called an OFC (Offsite Facilitation Center).

While the first appointment is tailored for the purpose of the collection of the biometrics, the second is meant for a US consular interview even while prior to an interview for the US permit, the candidates will have to turn-up at the OFC with a view to offering all-inclusive biometrics, complete with fingerprints and snaps.

This is targeted to make the processing of the US permits more well-organized and improved. Appointment may be organized–either online, or by getting in touch with the Call Center, via phone. In this connection, a point worth observing is that, for the objective of arranging their appointments, aspirants should offer their number of, what is known as the DS-160 barcode, together with receipt number related to the settlement of the submission charges.

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