Deciphering Quebec Immigrant Investor Programme

Quebec is the second most populated province of Canada and located in the South West part of the nation. Prospective immigrants–who yearn for a high standard of living, economic prosperity, social security, peaceful environment to raise a family and a comfortable place to enjoy a modern lifestyle– surprisingly in Quebec find a perfect place.

Quebec is not less than a haven for those who wish to settle in the Maple Leaf Country. In fact, due to its natural and scenic beauty, it is one of the most visited Canadian cities. Quebec is the first choice of not only tourists but of also skilled workers and business professionals. Its strong economy is promising and assures good returns to investors.

Quebec Immigrant Investor Programme

If you are looking for an opportunity to invest in the ‘Land of Milk and Honey’, then surely Quebec will be the right place, and you should consider Quebec Immigrant Investor Programme.

Brought into existence by the provincial administration in 1986, the scheme is tailored to enable business individuals & their families to gain admission in the province as permanent residents on an unrestricted ground. In return, funding made available through the scheme aids offer subsidies in support of small and medium businesses of the province.

To put it differently, the scheme is basically a government of Quebec initiative targeted at assisting business investors and their families enter the nation via making an investment in the nation’s economic growth and fueling job generation. The same is duly run and managed by the subsidiary of a Quebec administration organization.

The programme is passive in nature and it denotes the candidate will not have to get them involved in the running of the business. Rather they will have to make a minimum interest free investment of $800,000 CAD in the province for a maturity period of five years. Post Canadian Permanent Residency, it provides an easy route to the prized and the much sought after Canadian passport and citizenship.

Quebec Immigrant Investor Programme–Basic Requirements

  • The candidate must possess a legally acquired capital of net $1.6 million (CAD).
  • He must have two years of experience of either managing a business venture or running it within the last five years from the date of preceding his application.
  • He must be eager to invest $800,000 (CAD) into a government guaranteed investment for a fixed period of five years without bearing any interests.
  • He must be willing to settle permanently in the province.

The primary applicant is eligible to bring along his immediate family members, i.e., spouse and children (dependent) and they are eligible to enjoy similar status and benefits. Qualified applicants receive a selection certificate from Quebec. Using the same, they can acquire Canadian Permanent Residency followed by a health and criminal background check up by the by Federal immigration authorities.

Quebec Immigrant Investor Programme—Major Benefits

  • Candidates can enjoy visa free travel to more than 70 countries.
  • Easy reach to the American market.
  • Easy access to comprehensive range of governmental support, through various programmes in order to support a business venture.
  • Easy access to some of the best educational institutions in the world.
  • The programme practices a unique low taxation policy.
  • Once the candidate has lived in Quebec, he becomes eligible to apply for Canadian passport and citizenship

After Federal Skilled Worker Program, the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program is the single option for business personals. Between August 31, 2015 and January 31, 2016 The Quebec government will accept a maximum of 1,200 applications under the programme.

Applications submitted after the due date will not be entertained, and if the number of petitions accepted between the stated duration exceeds, then a draw will take place in order to determine which petitions will be duly processed further.

However, candidates with an intermediate-advanced aptitude in French are not restricted in any way and they can submit an application at any given time.

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