Deciphering Saskatchewan Express Entry Sub-category

Canada has been splendid in all respects–whether you speak about the standard of living, or life expectancy, or happiness, or self-satisfaction, or good people around, if you are in Canada, then you are certain to have all of it in your kitty. In case you are looking for immigration to Canada, then you are not na├»ve to choose this country.

Saskatchewan Immigration

As far as its Saskatchewan province is concerned–spreading in the prairie region and stretching across the vast grassland region–this Canadian province has almost everything to offer to those who are willing to make a difference in their life.

Saskatchewan Express Entry Sub-category

If you talk about provinces where skilled immigration can be facilitated easily, in that case, it is got to be Saskatchewan. This province is attracting people, and on account of the need for skilled immigrants, this province has opened-up new realms through Saskatchewan Express Entry Sub-category. Under this immigration sub-category programme, as many as 775 people can opt for movement under the Express Entry Scheme.

If you want to apply under this scheme, you will be picked by the Canada Job Bank and Federal Skilled Express Entry Pool will categorize the applicants based on their skills, and forward their name to the immigration authorities, for facilitating the movement. However, you must also keep in mind that there are some parameters that must be fulfilled, and if that is done, then you increase your chances of moving to Saskatchewan, through Express Entry Sub-category.

In case you have applied for Saskatchewan, make sure that you have the following traits for making you stand distinct in the competition.

  1. It is vital to have command over English. Proficiency in writing, reading, listening and understanding English is among the top most factors to determine your movement. At the same time–if you are well versed in Spanish–then it is leverage for you. You must appear for IELTS or CELPIP tests for determining your language proficiency and the TEF for French proficiency. If you are scoring 67 points, out of 100 in these tests, then you are fit for immigration to Saskatchewan.
  2. The second thing that would be asked for while application is a degree. As Express Entry considers skilled immigration, it is evident to furnish details regarding your educational qualifications. A college degree in any discipline is highly sought for facilitating the movement. Simultaneously, as the main motive of the immigration is to absorb skilled workforce for streamlining the economy, past experience will be in the reckoning for facilitating the movement. If you possess considerable experience in any job that is sought under the SOL or Skilled Occupation List you are in a better position to get your petition approved in real time.

Hence, if you have all these, then straightway you can make your profile on the Express Entry online application and opt for skilled movement under the Express Entry skilled immigration programme.

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