Decision to be Announced for Arizona Immigration Law!

A San Francisco court holds the fate of the new immigration law introduced in Arizona which would be decided in sometime soon. The decision would be made by a panel of three judges. An appeal was made by Jan Brewer, the Governor of Arizona for a ruling which was made earlier. As per this ruling, some of the key provisions were blocked from being implemented. As of now, this law has been considered as the most controversial immigration law till date.

The blocked clauses include the police being given the authority of an immigration agent to check the status of the immigrants arrested under suspicion. More so, the police was being given the power to question the suspects, check their papers for visa or Green Card.

The introduction of this law led to strong protests from various immigration advocates throughout the nation. More so, it was also being termed as a law promoting racial profiling.

With the law now being partly blocked by a ruling of the District Court, the lawsuit has been pending for quite sometime now. Appeals have been made by Brewer arguing that the main aim of the law is to assist the state and the federal authorities with enforcements pertaining to immigration.

The decision taken in regard to this law is widely anticipated and is being considered as an important precedent that would further chalk out the laws in other states. More so, it would also chalk out a path for the local enforcement agencies in other states when it comes to the immigration law and its enforcement in the United States.

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