Decoding Australia Migration Policy

Much like other top overseas immigration hotspots of the world, Australia, too, has its own distinct migration policy, and it is called the Australia Migration Policy.

As it is known, Australia is considered as one of the most sought immigration destinations across the globe. It offers a wide variety of rewarding opportunities to the individuals who are skilled, and who can make a positive difference to the Australian society and its economy.

Down Under has been able to attract hundreds of immigrants per year due to the high rate of education and employment, broad diversity in culture, highly organized systems of the country, high wages, etc.

The current shortage of skills across different industries of the nation has been offering employment to numerous young and highly skilled individuals to live, get employed, and settle permanently in the hotspot.

Australia Migration Policy

Here are some migration facts that would be of great help:

Eligibility Criteria for Australian Immigration

Australia is well-known for its highly organized and systematic immigration system along with its immigration policies.  Nominated/ skilled visas and skilled migration visas are the most sought tools for immigration to the popular destination.

Eligibility requirements that are based on the work visa sections in Australia are:

 The applicant must:

  1. Be of or under the age of 50 years ( intended for sponsored /skilled work visas)
  2. Have Skills Assessment completed from any recognized authority for assessment
  3. Have IELTS Certification ( English Language Proficiency Test) completed with suitable scores
  4. Choose occupation for applying n from SCOL/SOL list for the country
  5. Have the sponsorship/nomination from any Territory or State government according to the requirements of visa (for nominated / sponsored visas)
  6. Submit online Expression of Interest (EOI)
  7. Have scored minimum 60 points in the main profile factors, such as education, age, work experience, English proficiency, etc., that are based on points)
  8. Be in very good health condition along with being  of good character (provide  the required certifications providing confirmation of the same)

Immigration Process of Australia, Time for Processing

As mentioned before, the Kangaroo Land has its own immigration system which is according to the Australia migration policy, and that is based on point for allowing the immigrants in its land. Therefore, one needs to have a good score in the respective point system in order to become Eligible for immigration to Australia.  The minimum number of points that is required for obtaining visas is 60 points. It is to be noted that the higher the score, the more are the chances of being selected.

Australia Immigration Processing Time

The processing time for the immigration is one month to more depending on the specific category of visa one would select.

To figure out more on the subject, speak to your visa consultants.

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