Decoding Hong Kong Capital Investment Entrant Scheme

The well-known Capital Investment Entrant Scheme (CIES) of Hong Kong was officially introduced by the Immigration Department of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region in the month of October, 2003, to smooth the progress of admission for residence in the country by capital investment candidates.

Remarkably, the demand was so huge that, during the month of October 2010, the administration increased the threshold by 54%, from HKD 6.5m to HKD 10m. Simultaneously, with a view to bring down the property prices, real estate was barred from the list of qualifying investments.

The scheme’s aim is to enable reasonably affluent people from overseas to arrive to this wonderful place, and take up residency, minus having to join and/or set-up an operating company. The scheme’s laws are assessed by an immigration division on a usual basis. For making the grade for the scheme, it is essential that the candidate makes an investment of HKD 10 million.

The scheme has found wide acceptance from the mainland Chinese investors. Post spending 7 years in the country, overseas people can file a petition for Permanent Residency (PR) and, in case they are found eligible, Hong Kong citizenship. The program is generating some improved interest in the local-currency bonds.
CIES Requirements

The aspirants must:

  1. Be not less than 18 of age or above at the time of presenting a submission for entry through the scheme.
  2. Possess net assets of at least HKD10 million to which they are the unconditional recipient all the way through the two years prior to presenting the petition.
  3. Have made an investment inside six months prior to submission of their petition to the nation’s Immigration Department, or will make an investment inside six months, post the awarding of sanction in principle by the Immigration Department, at least HKD10 million.
  4. Can prove that they are in a position to support not only themselves but their close family-members as well.
  5. Have a good immigration background, and fulfill the normal immigration and security conditions.

Who Is Eligible for CIES?

  1. Overseas people (excluding those from Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Afghanistan, and Cuba);
  2. Inhabitants of Macao Special Administrative Region (Macao SAR);
  3. Nationals of China who have gained permanent resident standing in an overseas nation;
  4. Stateless individuals who have gained PR position in an overseas nation with established re-admission facilities; and
  5. People of Taiwan.

CIES Time of Stay

Successful aspirants gain an initial time-frame of stay of 2 years. Extensions options are to be had, provided the candidate fulfills the requirements involving portfolio maintenance, and otherwise prove to the country’s Immigration Department that they will continue to fulfill the eligibility conditions. The primary CIES candidate requires making certain that the investment of HKD10 million is duly maintained, lest the same invites the loss of CIES positions, and the existing time-frame of residence ends.

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