Denmark Immigration from India—Major Requirements

The wonderful European nation of Denmark is one of the many immigration destinations which invite skilled migrants from the developing nations of India and China and others. The Nordic Nation acts as a doorway for all those Indian aspirants who could be keen to establish themselves in Europe. The nation’s vigorous economy and dazzling business environment have made it a hotspot for the talented Indian immigration seekers.

In an effort to attract Indian migrants, the Danish government has made a positive list which provides complete knowledge about the works and profession of the country in which the Danish residents are not ready to work. The chances of the placement even rise due to the country’s incapability to meet the rising demand of trained professionals from within the Denmark.

Denmark immigration-motivated aspirants from India can go through this occupation list and submit an application under the acquired skill or the requirement of the mentioned job positions. The entry to this well-developed country can be made through its Green Card, and which basically depends on the points system.

The level of education is set at the higher level in India but the Indians have to get their educational credentials checked according to the specific requirements of the Danish government. The chances of Denmark immigration for candidates from India are fairly high as their age will help them seize more points under the point system of Green Card system.

The aspiring Indian migrant who is above the age of 35 need not feel disheartened as his education and work experience will assist in a hassle-free entry to the immigration hotspot. Candidates should try to get minimum 100 points which are assigned on the general evaluation of the applicants.

Higher educational qualifications, like the Master’s Degree and/or PhD, will help the aspirants grab more points as compared to Bachelor’s Degree. In the same way, there are more points for more work experience. Needless to say, students studied in top class universities are amongst those lucky applicants who will get maximum bonus points.

To meet the requirements of pay limit scheme of Denmark, the would-be Indian migrants should posses a job offer of DKK 375,000 from a Danish employer which would be approximately 80,000 USD in a year.

For the aspirants from India, Denmark immigration under pay limit scheme gives them the freedom of three year’s work and residence permit which can be further extended to four years.

Best of all is the approval of the Schengen Visa thus obtained with Denmark immigration gives the would-be Indian migrants the freedom to visit and work in as many as 25 countries. In addition to this, the candidates can settle in Europe also in the near future.

Indian applicants should keep in mind all the necessary details while filling their forms because any mistake in it may lead to its refusal. Visa once granted will make him enjoy many health and welfare benefits in this multi-cultural country.

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