Denmark Immigration Program under Green Card Scheme

Denmark has been slowly and steadily working towards accentuating its presence in the International fore, and in order to meet with its pursuit, it is opening new realms in its simple immigration program.

Let’s dig deeper and unveil some of the requirements that are sought in the first place for ensuring that you can voluntarily move to this beautiful blessed country!

The Green Card Scheme unravels new realms, and due to highly immigrant-friendly traits, it is often construed as the best tool that can help you move to this country. There is special provision granted under Green Card schemes which says that if the immigrant has this Green Card along with him, he can wield its power and he is not supposed to acquire a work permit for movement. At the same time, it doesn’t mean that you have access to this country.

There are some criteria that the point based system followed in Denmark immigration has set, and in all probabilities, these parameters that the point based system has set needs to be met for ensuring that movement is guaranteed to respective enthusiasts.

Denmark is not such a big country and there is not rapid industrialization and development projects growing at lightning speed that would lead to rapid demand for labor. But, there are some of the industries that require a certain category of labors and those labors are not available in Denmark.

To prevent the stagnancy from being a reality in such sectors where the labor demand is not being met, the economy has eased off the immigration and for Green Card holders; they have the leverage of getting them absorbed in such sector and thrive in the nation.

In case you have used the Green Card Scheme, then you must be aware of certain basic facts that it takes into consideration.

When you have used Green Card as a straightway entry, make it a point to move to this country within 6 months of the approval of the application. Simultaneously, if you have been granted immigration visa under Green Card scheme, it is vital that you are able to furnish in front of the immigration authorities you address in the Northern European Country within that time period.

It is also crucial that during your stay you are earning DKK 50,000, else you may get your Green Card visa scrapped and you will be asked to leave the country. So, even though Denmark immigration programme under Green Card scheme is lenient, there are some requirements that are needed to be met.

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