Deportation just one aspect of Illegal Migration!

Illegal migration has been a major issue in the United States. According to Lamar Smith, the Member for the House Judiciary Committee Ranking, the deportation of those illegal migrants who have a criminal record is just one aspect of the whole issue. There are millions of local people who are struggling to find jobs. At the same time, another 7 million are working illegally in the nation. This statement came about in response to the announcement made by the Homeland Security and Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) Agency on its statistics on immigration enforcement.

As per the figures released by the ICE, there has been an increase in the number of deportations carried out for criminal aliens. At the same time, not much has been done in the realm of American workforce and immigration enforcement.

As per Smith, enforcements at worksite would better aid those who are in need of jobs. More so, these jobs are available for the local people and those immigrant workers who are residing legally in the nation. Arrests of criminals have definitely increased but then the Obama administration seems to have forgotten about worksite enforcement.

Under the Obama administration, arrests pertaining to worksite enforcement administrative, it has gone down by 77 percent, indictments reduced by 64 percent, criminal arrests saw a decline by 60 percent and the convictions saw a fall of about 68 percent.

Deportations are important but then border security is equally important to ensure that the deported people do not try to walk into the nation again. With this, it is important to conduct worksite enforcement and those employers should be brought to justice who have hired illegal migrants.This way, more jobs would be created for the US citizens and the legal immigration workers.

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